NAACP 100-Year Anniversary Celebration

TRu iNk was honored to be selected to write concise and engaging biographies about revolutionary civil rights pioneers who helped shape the NAACP and American history.
"The timeline provides an easy-to-follow chronological listing of the NAACP's role in key events in the civil rights movement, education and an array of other topics. Each point on the timeline includes a written narrative, historic video and photos as well as an audio narrative read by a celebrity..."
- Via Verizon Press Release
Dion Julian
Celebrity Men's Fashion Designer
"After maintaining a 15-year career as a high fashion runway model, Dion ventured into the world of fashion design. Dion’s distinctive style and technician-like design approach granted him the opportunity to create custom suits for the sports, entertainment, and business elite, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith and Mike Tyson."
Donna Rayford
Theatrical Director, Corporate Leader
"Donna possesses more than 20 years of experience harnessing her artistic talent and business savvy to propel Fortune 500 companies...An innate overachiever, Donna knew the only way the she could get noticed by her high school gymnastics coach was to do the unthinkable: so, she taught herself how to walk the balance beam backwards."
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